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Welcome to the Auto-enrolment Planner

Would you like a tool that helps you support numerous clients through auto-enrolment quickly and easily? Then look no further.

This planning tool is suitable for employers with more than two months before their staging date. If your client has less than two months until their staging date please go to our employer website for additional support.

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How does it work?

Example plan

Helps your clients to auto-enrol

The planner creates a checklist and project plan of the actions and decisions they'll need to take to get ready for auto-enrolment.

Helps you support more clients, more efficiently

Once you've created the plan for a client, the planner sends out automated emails in your name. It tells your client what tasks they need to complete. The planner helps you cut down the amount of time it takes to support a client through auto-enrolment.

Works with any pension provider

It doesn't matter what pension provider your client is using for auto-enrolment, our Auto-enrolment Planner works for them all. If your client is auto-enrolling with Aviva the planner details all the steps you need to follow.

Provides support

It provides information, and points your clients towards useful resources, to help them complete each task efficiently.

Easy to share

Add your colleagues to the 'share' list and they'll get access to all your clients' plans and receive status updates by email.

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